Brand new pi help

Brand new pi3 out of the box. Brand new pi user out of the box.
Long term goal is an automated picture slide show of .jpg files on local NAS where the pi3 senses room occupancy and switches the TV on or off and runs the slide show accordingly.

Short term goal is to make OSMC act as picture viewer for files on the NAS.

My work plan is:

  1. make OSMC act as picture viewer
  2. play with pi3 IO to detect occupancy
  3. play with pi3 to control TV via HDMI
  4. integrate all the above

Right now struggling with ‘operating system images’. Will the OSMC OS (image?) allow automation with IO connected to the pi3? What is the recommended OS to achieve my end goal?

Any and all pointers and advice will be appreciated.
Dwayne A

Raspbian will do the job fine.

OSMC can do it, but if you have a large number of JPEGS, Kodi may have issues with this.

  1. Use JSON-RPC or script to set up a slideshow on boot
  2. OpenCV motion sensing in Python. Maybe there is something better.
  3. Use Python libCEC. Support was added recently.

Why were you in a box? :grin:

Yes but, you are really going to be on your own here. This is quite outside of OSMC’s intended scope and is not a trivial undertaking. The picture viewer aspect is dependent on Kodi behavior alone and some Google searching will provide many examples of how you might do so.

You can use python to play with the GPIOs…but i am not sure ‘how’ you’ll be able to read values sent from other devices like the HC-SR04, to do stuff.
I did something similar with my pi1:
But as you can see, i only used the GPIOs to turn on/off a relay.

If you have any experience with arduinos and you have a relay, an arduino pro micro (or nano, or any other arduino) you could program the arduino to use a HC-SR04 (ultrasonic sensor) to detect movement…and if a person pass by the sensor to flip the switch on the relay that will give power to the raspberry.
Then just get a slideshow plugin in osmc, and set it to start after a few seconds when it boots up like he did:

A simple sketch for the adruino to use the HC-SR04 and detect things: