Brand new Vero 4k+ dead

Hi everyone,

I got a Vero 4k+ on 03.02.2020 and set it up. The next day I came back from work and it was dead. It can’t turn on and shows no signs of life, no signal, no light, nothing.

I wrote to support, but I get no response.
Can anyone suggest what should I do?

Funny thing is that a friend suggested that I get a Vero, because they should have quality hardware so I replace my aged RPi 2. Now I am back to my raspberry and couldn’t even watch a single movie on this brand new Vero 4k+ before it failed.

I know it hasn’t been so much time, but I am wondering how responsive are these guys. Has anyone contacted them and how much did it take for them to answer?



It sounds like it maybe the PSU thats failed, rather than the vero 4k + itself. I’m sure @sam_nazarko will reply to your support ticket and get this resolved promptly.

Thanks Tom

Can you let me know the ticket number so I can check this for you?


I’ve found it and dispatched a new PSU.


Thanks for the help. I hope this resolves the issue. :slight_smile:

UPDATE: With the new PSU, the device works! :slight_smile: