Brexit and OSMC Store for EU customers

Hi Sam
Please can you tell us what’s happen for EU customer after the 29 mars.

Doubt there is any news on it since the parliament hasnt really come up with a plan yet.

I can’t see it having an impact. We already ship DDP (delivered duty paid) to non-EU member states. The delivery may be slower due to increased customs checks.

As to what’s going to actually happen, no one knows.

What’s going to happen is for Sam to move over to the EU :smile:
And you should, global warming will raise the sea levels, so soon there won’t be any UK left :wink:


For me the problem is less the added costs of import taxes that bother me but the fact that I would have to travel to the customs office to pick up anything I order outside the EU. Anything above 25€ will land there and its quite a long journey for me to that office.

There are many creative startups in the UK that I like to order from but it will certainly become alot more difficult if its an unorderly Brexit.

With the information that I have at the moment, this won’t be the case. This is only usually necessary when there are fees to pay.

If an item is sent DDP, we are paying for it to be delivered to your door with duty paid. This is done for our customers in Norway, Switzerland, Canada etc.

As part of the run up, I’ve taken advantage of negotiating better postal rates with Royal Mail for parcels and now have country sort pricing. This means we have pricing for delivery to every country instead of the standard tariffs of EU, Rest of Europe, Rest of World.

This contract mandates door-to-door delivery inclusive of the price. Obviously there are exceptions, such as when the recipient is absent / address is inaccessible. But there won’t be a need to pick things up from an office.

So in the event of a no deal, we’ll just be doing what we do for non EU shipments: slapping on a CN22/CN23 and sending it DDP.

I can’t comment for other online retailers and their supply chains.



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Thanks Sam, very good and helpful information.

I shouldn’t sidetrack this conversation or belittle peoples concerns about receiving their Vero’s but…
I work for a UK subsidiary of a European company,
thanks to the ideological prevarication of our politicians in Parliament none of us mere mortals in this company know what is going to happen to our jobs post March 29th.
I could take a guess as several members of senior management have jumped ship in the past 2 months!
My only saving graces are we are the most profitable division in the world of this multi national company so one would expect our owners to make a fist of keeping us going, or either our owners or our government will owe me so much severance pay I will not have to worry about money for 2 or 3 years.

I really hope the EU and British politicians intransigence doesn’t harm this great project but some of us have more serious worries about our British and European assholio politicians headlong dive into sending the UK into the 3rd world and the EU into recession!

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