Brief unpause/play after pausing

About one second after pressing pause, content appears to briefly unpaus then pause again. This seems to only happen on standard definition content, as odd as that is. Visually, it appears like the movie (or tv show) simply pauses as commanded, waits one second, then skips forward a frame.

While this is not a major issue, it does impact an integration I have with Home Assistant. I have automations that trigger when a movie starts or stops playing. When a movie starts, Kodi correctly reports a “playing” status. When paused, the status is briefly, correctly reported as “paused,” but then after one second, I notice the frame jump on the TV and Kodi then incorrectly reports the status as “playing” even though the content is clearly paused.

Seemingly, this frame skip, pause/unpause, and incorrect reporting status of “playing” while clearly paused are all interrelated. Any ideas? Running OSMC 2020.11-1 with Kodi 18.9.

Some debug logs, and even a small sample would be useful to look in to the issue



It seems to be easy to reproduce on the Vero with whatever random SD h.264 you throw at it (didn’t test mpg). The behavior seems to stop if you set HW acceleration in player settings to HD and up. Behavior is not present on RPi. Seems quite a niche issue so probably easiest to just mitigate with that solution unless disabling HW decode on SD content has some drawback.

Thanks darwindesign! I was uncomfortable posting all 21,000 lines of log data so I was sifting through that when your reply came in. That appears to have fixed the issue and I am thrilled that it was so easy.

Thank you!

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