Bringing up the topic/discussion regarding Google Home integration with OMSC & Kodi

I noticed some progress in on this GitHub project and was wondering if there is a way to integrate this into OSMC? Seems like I just need to be able to install Node.js

Check it out. I think this would be awesome if it was configured correctly. Looks pretty advanced but it looks possible, correct me if I am wrong?


I’m sure you could deploy this – but it won’t feature as part of OSMC.

Looks complicated. Is there an easy way to install Node.js on the Vero so I am hosting my server locally?

Yes – follow Node installations for Debian systems. You could also grab the version from Stretch but it’s probably very outdated.

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Can be downloaded from here.

Which one do I want for ARM? I’m guessing the ARMv8?

and thank you as always for the quick reply, Sam :grinning:



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Doesn’t look like there is a download option available in the link I posted above.

edit: nm, just used apt-get install nodejs

It’s under Linux Binaries (ARM)