Broken my OSMC installation - freezes at OMSC splash screen

Okay so I was messing about with Squeezelite and decided I would remove it. As I removed three components, - libflacdev, libfaad2 and libmad0- I saw it was removing some OSMC components, and now OSMC doesn’t boot! Silly me!
It halts on the splash screen, but I can still SSH into the Pi2 - is there a simple way I can recover so that OSMC boots again?

Pi 1, Pi 2 or Vero ? BTW if you’re stuck at the splash screen you can also press ALT-F2 to get a local console.

Edit: sorry, just noticed you said Pi 2. Try this:

sudo apt-get -f install rbp2-device-osmc --reinstall

I would ask you for an APT log but is down at the moment. If it comes back up later and you’re still having problems please paste your APT logs like so:

paste-log /var/log/apt/term.log
paste-log /var/log/apt/history.log

The logs should show us exactly which packages got removed.

Cheers DBMandrake, reinstalling those packages did the trick perfectly :slight_smile:

My VERO installation is broken after the last update. When booting it freezes at OSMC splash screen.
This command will certainly not work for my VERO: sudo apt-get -f install rbp2-device-osmc --reinstall
Can you help me, please?

There is a vero equivalent package, vero-device-osmc - but whether re-installing it would help you or not depends on what the problem was in the first place.

Can you describe what happened during the update - did it seem to go smoothly without errors but then after booting you’re stuck on the splash screen ? Is it possible you were getting low on disk space before the update ? Running out of disk space during an update seems to be the number one cause of problems during updating.

Are you able to get a login prompt by holding down the CTRL key on an attached keyboard during boot ? (Keep it held down about 20 seconds) If this doesn’t work, try SHIFT instead, but this will give an emergency recovery console with reduced features available.

Try this to see how much space is left:

df -h

Thanks for your prompt reply.
I found this post: Vero problem starting after manual update - #6 by DBMandrake
I was able to fix the problem with the following commands:
sudo dpkg --configure -a
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -f dist-upgrade
It’s working fine now.

Can you post your debug logs please so we can analyse what went wrong. Also do you know which version you were on prior to the update or roughly how long since you last updated ?

I update regularly (more than once a week) but i’m not able to tell you exactly which one i was using prior to the recovery. I’m now using OSMC RC3 0.9.9
Can you tell me how to extract the logs, i’m not a linux expert but i know how to ssh on my Vero and how to use console.

After the recovery i still have problems. I’m able to use my Vero but every time i play a video (stored on a drive on my local network) after 5 to 10 minutes it stops. I land in the folder where the video is stored. I can resume the video playback but after a few minutes i have the same problem. After a reboot the problem persists.

There is a log uploader option in My OSMC. Please enable debug mode in settings, try to reproduce the problem where playback aborts, then use the log uploader to upload all logs - this should have enough information for both problems.

It’s done the log are uploaded to this address:
I’m facing another problem: when the playback aborts i sometimes also loose the HDMI signal. If i switch Off/On my audo-video amplifier the video is back.