Broken playback of 576/50i in June update

This might be related to other threads in which case a mod might be able to move, I did a quick scan and it seems there are several issues floating around with the June release.

One of the several ongoing issues I have is that now when I initiate playback of a 576/50i mpeg-2 mkv file, the playback is extremely jerky. Another example of somethat that was working that is now broken by a production release.

I can post a log if helpful, but I’m beginning to wonder about the standard of QA for production releases. I feel like I’m a beta-tester these days :frowning:

Do you have logs or a sample of a video that exhibits this problem?

There will always be issues that arise from an update that have escaped testing. That’s the nature of pushing something to a 1 million + user base.

With the appropriate logs and details we should be able to get this fixed promptly.


Will work on a log for you. In the meantime, I noticed that my Vero on the 05-2 release will play 576/50i no matter what the hardware acceleration setting for MPEG2 is set to, even “Never”

For the Vero on 06-1, it will only play 576/50i if the acceleration setting is “Always”. Otherwise video is very jerky, but audio is fine.

Make sure you don’t have a high performance scaler active. The defaults have changed in Kodi v18.

See Jerky playback on v18 with change of scaling algorithm - #2

We are still fighting with some issues introduced by Kodi v18. My ability to test more niche scenarios is difficult at the moment, as I’m on holiday (or at least meant to be)


thanks for checking in while on holiday. I have a simple environment that has not changed between versions, Synology NAS, wire to switch, wire to Vero > Marantz AVR> 1080 Panny TV. Enabled/disabled processing in the Marantz makes no difference.

Here is a log.