Browse to Synology DS

I periodically run backups of my OSMC settings and never had an issue connecting to my old MyBook Live. A lightning strike recently fried my router and attached MBL so I purchased a new Asus AC router and Synology NAS. The Synology setup required a password. My win machines connect to it just fine but my raspberries running OSMC can’t seem to find the NAS. Any help appreciated.

In Kodi go to videos>files>add videos>browse>add network location> and select SMB, add the ip address of your NAS (and nothing else) in the “server name” field and the username and password then click OK. This will give you a new network location that is browsable so all your sources can just be added with videos>files>add videos>browse>[NAS’s ip address]>

I tried that but unfortunately is says resource not available. I’m using OSMC not Kodi.

It gave an error when? After you told it to add the network location? You might want to install samba from the My OSMC add-on which will allow you to easily browse from Windows Kodi’s userdata by opening Explorer and at the address bar typing in //[ip address of OSMC box]\osmc\.kodi\userdata and pressing enter. You should find a sources.xml and passwords.xml file that you can compare to what you have working on your Windows install which will probably be found at %APPDATA%\Kodi\userdata