BT remote RT-MWK02+ on RP1 B+ not working

Since I have OSMC I don’t get my bluetooth remote (RiiTek RT-MWK02+) working.
so my question is, how to get this bluetooth controller working?

can I try the many tutorial for raspbmc, or do I need to install some drivers?

I had it working on raspbmc before.
an I can find it with lsusb:
I hope you can help me and tell me what to install, or link me to a tutorial :smile:

link to my bt keyboard:

is hci0 up and running ?

type to check:

sudo hciconfig

thank you for your reply,

hci0 was down, but when I try to get it up I get this error:
Operation not possible due to RF-kill (132) (
So right now I’m install rfkill and follow these steps: Enabling bluetooth

thats what i did too for my wiimotes :slight_smile: then just add a little startup script and put it in cron or something then your good to go

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thank you @Toast it’s now working 100%.

I didn’t saw the “network” option in “My OSMC” but it works perfect to add wifi/bluetooth devices.
even after a reboot my remote is still connected. (no script needed, just pair and connect once)

Are you both running the latest updates ?

The problem of Bluetooth not loading automatically on startup was fixed recently, if you are still having problems with this, please post a debug log demonstrating the problem.

havent looked at the bluetooth settings still using my script since it does exactly what i want should however adapt it to current osmc settings