Buffer clearing while playing Video

Sometimes you need a tweak app to clean your buffer, The problem is that you need to stop the video playback to do this. Why not make a clear buffer button in the video playback bar?

A tweak app to do what ?

Sounds like hocus pocus to me…

What buffer and why do you want to clean it ?

Just to clear the cache.

I don’t think you understand how the cache works.

It will be cleared as soon as you stop playback. You cannot “clear” it while video is playing.

If the cache is consuming too much memory you can reduce its size in advancedsettings.xml.

It is not useful or possible to “clear” the cache in the middle of playback.

not even if you press pause?

Pressing pause will not clear the cache - why would it ? In fact the cache will tend to build up until full when pausing.

Pressing stop will clear the cache.

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