Buffer Hang after Video Playback

Hi all,

I’ve been using an enormously stable version of OSMC for years - a headless (no monitor) file playback machine for bedtime. I just built a new one…and I’m having a weird problem. When I play a video, it works as expected (all files are local on usb drive), but when the video finishes, the UI doesn’t return to the file list, it hangs on a black screen with a message of “Buffering…” in the top right corner. With the help of instructions here, I figured out how to enable logs and upload (cool way to do that, btw), but it isn’t obvious to me what is wrong. I see a “2020-06-07 15:51:14.423 T:1791988448 WARNING: CRenderManager::WaitForBuffer - timeout waiting for buffer” that repeats frequently, starting at the end of the playback…but past that, I’m lost. Can anybody point me in the right direction to get past this problem? BTW, this is attempt two at this install…I’ve already completely wiped the microsd card and tried the build again. Here is my log…https://paste.osmc.tv/jubicemuqu

Thanks for the help.

This is a stab in the dark but you might try

settings>system>audio>output configuration>[best match]

and either

settings>player>videos>adjust display refresh rate>[always]


settings>player>videos>sync playback to display>[enable]

I’m not exactly sure but one of them may get your audio to keep resyncing to the video your not even watching. I’m a bit clueless about the hanging on the end of playback. Since you say you already have an older machine that is working have you tried to just either copy the userdata or clone the entire SD card? Did you do something on the old system to tweak it, perhaps switching it over to outputting the video via composite instead of hdmi with a config.txt tweak?

Old pi died, so this is a completely new build, nothing from the old one is good or available.

Problem exists regardless of whether I output video on HDMI (for testing) or composite (long term - while headless, I do have a small monitor I can turn on to change things or recover from a power loss).