Buffering issues on Rpi3

Hi guys!

I’m having some issues after updating to the rpi3. Been using OSMC and raspbmc for some years now, and they have all worked a treat.

But now with the latest update i’m having this weird buffering issues on movies, makes me unable to watch my movies, lol^^

So it plays for some seconds, then stutters, buffer and plays again, after some seconds it does this again.

I’m using it wired with ethernet. my lan server is good enough, so i have no idea what is wrong :S

Also i have that orange square flashing again, i’m using a blitzwolf quickcharge 3.0 psu with a good usb cable.

Logs: http://paste.osmc.io/nikucicucu

A rainbow square is undervoltage, an orange square is overheat which will throttle the cpu. What type of case are you using? does it have sufficient airflow? you may want to look into heatsinks.

First thing to do is turn off any overclock.

Hey dilligaf!

Thanks, im using a plastic case from aliexpress, it has a lot of holes in it, as well as heatsinks :stuck_out_tongue: the only place i don’t have a heatsink is the chip underneath, gpu?

No overclock either :slight_smile:

The orange square is there only when i refresh my library, so i guess i shouldn’t care? :slight_smile:
I seem to have fixed the issue thanks to this post: http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=207683

Also 10usd sent OSMC’s way as thanks for an awesome software and support =) would have given more, but i’m just a student x)

Thanks, that’s appreciated