Buffering issues playing UHD Movies

I have finally gotten autofs setup. The Linux side was pretty easy. However, the plexkodiconnect side was insanely difficult. Finally figured out what paths to enter in which boxes and got everything working. Now to test and see if I run into any more issues. I’ll post in a few days with my progress.

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This might be useful to you: Nifty way to set up Direct Paths · Issue #536 · croneter/PlexKodiConnect · GitHub

I recently set up autofs myself and used this to great success.

It’s been a lot longer than I figured before I’ve come back, but it’s been a busy month. I am, however, very happy to be able to say that the issue looks like it’s completely solved. I haven’t had a single instance of stuttering or buffering. I would like to thank Sam and everyone else who chimed in on this thread. Pieces of most every reply was used in coming to the final solution. This community is a large part of why the Vero is one of the best, and it cannot be underrated.