Buffering issues rpi4 Enigma client

rpi4 8mb
latest osmc (update always with terminal)
playback true pvr enigma client
since a few weeks lot of problems always buffering problems
most when I select a channel from epg
most the first channel “een”
update always with terminal
can someone look at the logs please ?


Does it happen with recordings or files from local storage?

No only with live tv by pvr client

Also netflix and others works fine

Have you contacted the developers of the client regarding this? This suggests it’s not an OSMC issue.

yes I contacted the developers of pvr enigma2 client.
they think of the fairly recent 8.3 openpli on the vuplus
I took some time now:
reinstalled osmc but problems remain
then set openpli to 7.3 but problems remain
then downgraded osmc to version 2023.05-1 and it works :slight_smile:

i now go back to openpli 8.3 and i update here
it works
now I do all the updates from openpli 8.3
it works
I try now 2023.06-1
it does not work !!
what strikes me now during the installation, manually with balenaetcher, at the first boot there is always one :frowning: automatically it will be fine again
i try a new osmc installation and wait for the first boot
whit first boot, when I select my language Dutch it goes to :frowning: then after a few seconds osmc is running
still buffering problems and sound
sorry but I tried libreelec and it works !!
I hope to return to OSMC as soon as possible