Buffering on Dailymotion after update

Hi there,

I watch a lot of long videos on Dailymotion on my Pi 2B. However, since I’ve finally updated it with the last version of OSMC, it is impossible to watch a video. It seems to not preload at all the video and stop every 5 seconds.
I’ve tried to modify the advanced settings.xml file, but nothing changes.

Any idea?


When you say you have modified adavancesettings.xml, I’m assuming you are referring to this:


It may help to let us know what modifications you have tried.

Also logs showing the issue will help.

It maybe worth asking for assistance here, as well.

Thanks Tom.

I have a similar issue with my Vero 4K, as of today. I use the “Cache Only” setting on my Pandoki app, which has been working fine for the last month (since I got the Vero 4K). Today, I manually ran an update check (I already got the last update several days ago for Kodi 17.2, but I wanted to see if you guys put out a Kodi 17.3 update yet) and ever since running that manual update check today, my Pandoki songs will only play for 5 seconds on “Cache Only” mode before cutting out. I have to switch the add-on options to “Stream Only” in order for a whole song to play.

I am assuming this problem will resolve itself whenever the next update hits, as this seems to be some kind of weird glitch. I also attempted various advancesettings.xml modifications, but none of that made a difference.

It’s a know issue… refer to Official Kodi Forum thread:

Thank you everyone for the fast answer!

@Tom_Doyle & @FaustoGSR: In fact, I already know this thread and asked for help in the past. I’ve tried to update it before to post here without success. I was thinking the problem came from OSMC. So, I read it again and again, and find out about an other link with others plugins versions and after several tries… SUCCESS!

:heart: all! Thanks again. Sorry for the “know issue” :slight_smile:

If someone has the same problem, you can use this version here:
Dailymotion plugin from this thread

Very interesting… it’s be exist a Dailymotion plugins for fixing this trouble for caching ?

Wrong link! :confounded:
I’ve find the solution here.
It’s in fact an “unofficial” plugin. But, yes, it works for me.

there’s no links in this reply… a links there’s present on reply above up:

You have used this ?

I’ve put the link of the thread because I think it’s better to read all the posts.
If you read it until the last page you will find several links with explanations.
More, I’ve already given the direct link to the plugin I use now.

So… you have all you need.