Hi I have a Raspberry Pi running OSMC. My media files are saved on a Western Digital Hard Drive connected via a network Cable to my Router. My Pi sits on the other end of the room and is connected to the network via wifi.

Everything was working perfectly until last month for at least a year. Now suddenly audio and video files buffer and don’t play continuously.

I am currently listening to 51 minute Mp3 file and it is stuck at 10 minutes for almost a minute now. It played a couple more bits and skipped the entire file.

I am a Linux nivice. What can I do to trouble shoot ?

Thanks in advance for your help.


I just tried uploading the logs but I get the message "Could not retrieve the URL. Copy Logs to SD card instead. "

I have now saved the logs to the SD card, I think,

It is late now, so I will continue tomorrow.


Anything changed in your network?
New neighbours with wifi?

Something has changed, but I am not sure what.

Previously when I try to access my WD Network HDD from my windows explorer I could use map networkdrive. Now I have to mount it first and it automatically maps to a drive.

My OSMC has the latest updates.

Other than these I don’t know of other changes. I don’t remember updating the router firmware recently.

My settop box connects wirelessly to my router and I have not seen any degradation in performance.


Hello All

I am having the same problem again.

There were a couple of osmc updates that happened in the last week. Other than that no change.

I have disabled ssh and also enabled turbo in systems settings, but the problem is still there but maybe slightly improved.

Last time I had the problem, it seemed to resolve itself but I have to find another source for my movies and music in the meanwhile.

appreciate any pointers.