[bug] discovered a bug in alpha 4

hallo there,
with all respect to the OSMC team, i discovered this bug, and just wanted to inform team OSMC :smile:

yes i know that its still in beta, im not mad, just want to inform the team about this

i hope that im doing a legit thing my making this post :-S
please dont hate me,

regrads and best wishes

edit, just wanted to ask, if there will be a .img of OSMC in the future?

While we appreciate the effort, if you would just have a simple look at the list of โ€œLatestโ€ posts here, you would see that the issue is well known and developers are working on the issue. Please, before reporting such issues, make a reasonable effort to see that it is not already being addressed, so as to prevent excessive same topic threads from cluttering the forum.
Thanks and enjoy

Please read the release notes.

  • WiFi is working but must be set up via the official installer. The settings addon has not been implemented yet.
  • There are disk images already available for OSMC


Disk images available at https://download.osmc.tv