[BUG] physical keyboard locale disables OSMC remote volume buttons

I just got my Vero4k+ and configured it.
The remote is great but I found a “bug”.
If I go into the Settings and change the layout of the physical keyboard to German, on the OSMC remote the volume up/down buttons stop working.
I have to set it to English (US) to get the volume keys on the remote working again.
I’m using both the remote and a usb-wireless keyboard which happens to be german layout (qwertz).
Please help me solve this.

Thank you!

You would need to post some logs to be 100% certain but I’m fairly confident that the issue is that the remote dongle you received somehow didn’t get programed correctly and you will need them to send a replacement.

If the dongle VID/PID is off we can solve it without the customer returning anything.

But as @darwindesign says, please upload some logs.



Hi @sam_nazarko and @darwindesign, so I finally got around to making the logs

What I did here is: set physica keyboard to german, use volume up and down a couple of times (volume down acts like the back-button, volume up does nothing), then switch back to eng (us) where they both resume working as volume up/down.

Hope I did everything correctly. :slight_smile:
Thank you for your effort!

It was as I suspected. Unfortunately you were sent a dongle that was not programmed as it should be. Sorry about that. I invited you to a pm that contains a method to fix this. You should see a notification and link to this under your username in the top right of the forum.

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