[Bug] Small issue with 3D Kodi navigation

When I select a 3D mkv (MVC) for playback there is a small bug preventing navigation back a screen. I tried hitting Back and Exit and it seems the user is stuck on this screen and forced to proceed with playback (then you can back out to Kodi after entering playback). Here is a short clip reproducing the issue: https://youtu.be/6UCi0HB_SJI?si=njVAvw56fApqF-SO

This is present for me on the latest stable as well as latest beta osmc firmware on my Vero V.

You have Java installed don’t you? I could confirm some quite off behavior including getting stuck, but sometimes not stuck and just having to dismiss the dialog three or four times. I removed Java and the issue no longer seemed to be present. Once I installed Java again, this time from the My OSMC app store (I’m pretty sure the previous one was from early testing on the machine I’m on right now) and the getting stuck part no longer seemed to be happening but the having to dismiss several times did. I don’t know if that is a bug or because I don’t have a 3D compatible display. It may be worth a shot to try the same…

sudo apt-get remove --purge default-jre
sudo apt autoremove

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