Buildning OSMC w/o certain patch


I want to make a build of OSMC for my RPi3 without a certain patch. I searched for info but couldnt find any. Can a make a build on my computer and install it with the installer? If so, how to I go about doing this? Thanks

Try here

There are many threads which outline the process.


  1. Install OSMC Toolchain on a device with sufficient power to complete the build in a reasonable time.
  2. Clone the repository from github
  3. Build it using the scripts provided.

Best to check it builds “as is” before you make any changes as that way you’ll know if it fails later then it’s something you’ve changed not your setup.

Point 1 is important - it is best to use a fairly powerful desktop/laptop rather than the Raspberry Pi as it takes many many hours to compile on a Raspberry Pi (and isn’t always successful as the RPi has limited RAM).

I tried to get started tonight. Here what i’ve done:

  1. I set up debian on virtual box in OSX.
  2. I added “deb jessie main” to /etc/apt/sources.list to get the armv7-toolchain-osmc.
  3. Cloned the github repo, deleted the patch.
  4. Ran “cd osmc/package/mediacenter-osmc
    make rbp2” - And here it stops. The armv7-toolchain-osmc needs QEMU to continue, I try to install it with apt-get but the dependencies required never ends. I’m sure this is a beginner mistake, what am I doing wrong? I tried all the solutions i could find to get QEMU installed.

If possible you should build on the raspberry itself.

Ok guess I’ll have to do that then, when reading up on biulding OSMC i see that in this quoted post the procedure applies to v15, does it apply to v16 aswell?

"Summary of how to build v15.2

The current build of OSMC is based on XBMC (v15.2 isengard – commit 02e70138)

Clone OSMC

git clone

cd osmc/package/mediacenter-osmc
make PLATFORM (Where PLATFORM is vero, rbp1, rbp2)
After an hour or two of compiling you will have 2 files:
PLATFORM-mediacenter-osmc.deb "

That builds only kodi.

What exactly is it you are trying to build and what are you trying to achieve?

I want to build OSMC without a certain patch thats changing the user agent from “Kodi” to “Osmc”.

Do you want to build OSMC or just Kodi?

If you can narrow down exactly which component you want to build (OSMC is the entire OS) then it will be much quicker to build just that component.

Ok! I just want to build Kodi then i guess without a certain patch. Can i install OSMC completely on my RPi, set up the toolchain, clone from github, delete the patch then build Kodi? Sorry for not testing it out first, have a newborn to tend to. But tomorrow I’ll try to get practical with this.

You only need to build Kodi then. OSMC is modular, so that can be done easily. The downside is you’d need to rebuild it every time OSMC updates to stay on top of things. It’s trivial in the sense that we maintain everything needed to build it; but it’s going to be a pain to have to do this every month.

Have you contacted the IPTV provider to remedy this? There was a provider that were seemingly blocking our user agent. A user raised this and they finally resolved the problem at their end (for this particularly provider)


Yes I have contacted them, and they say that they don’t have any user-agent block. But I know that the provider gets some of their streams from another big provider which has/had a block. I just want to verify if the block is present so I at least know it when I nag on them. Thanks for the help anyway! I’ll try building soon when i find time.