Built-in subtitles not working

I have a video that has two subtitle tracks built-in to the file and they refuse display when I play the video on OSMC. I can find both subtitle tracks from the audio menu and I can toggle them on or off, but they just don’t work. The subtitles do work when I play the video on my desktop with VLC. Also, subtitles downloaded via the subtitle downloader in Kodi work perfectly. I have tried several different videos with built-in subtitles and none of them work.

Here is what is printed in kodi.log when I open a video with built-in subtitles and try to toggle the subtitles on or off (and also try to switch between the different subtitle tracks): http://pastebin.com/KK3N5JwM

How do I solve this issue?

Please, always provide FULL debug logs rather than snippets. For this issue, also please provide mediainfo output as described here OSMC Forums