Built TV headend server on a vero?

I’m tempted by the vero, but in order to replace my pi it has to be able to run TV headend server in the background.
Anyone built TVheadend server on a vero?

It’s been a year or two, but I remember I couldn’t get the OSMC App Store version to work for me - I have a somewhat unusual setup in that the digital satellite feed goes to a couple of old elgato netstreams, and my TV headend server connects to those for the channels.
In order to get IPTV working I had to build TVheadend from the source.
It all works fine, though I’ll be the first to admit it was a pita to set up with manually adding all the muxes/services/channels and getting the guide to work from an xml file…hence wanting to know if it’s possible before I put myself through it all over again!

It’s in the App Store but you can of course build it from source.

There are some people using the Vero 4K and TVHeadend, they may be able to offer better advice


Thanks for the response…and for all your hard work in general - I’ve also still got an appleTV running from the crystalbuntu days!
I couldn’t get IPTV working on the App Store version last time I tried, but that was a year or two ago.

I’ll give it another shot with a vero 4K, but it’s nice to know for sure that I’ll be able to fall back on the tvheadend self build option!
Thanks again,