Button to rescan movies

Has anyone set up a button to rescan for new movies? I have a Harmony remote so would like to have an easy way to do this instead of going to Movies > Menu > etc.

The only way I can think of doing this is by enabling the setting to scan on startup and creating a button to reboot in keymaps. Can it be done without a reboot?

Sure, but this is not osmc specific.

Here is a keymap for a Harmony XBMC Keymap File for Logitech Harmony Remote · GitHub

Here is the wiki for the keymap function: https://kodi.wiki/view/Keymap

An here is a list of actions you can map : https://kodi.wiki/view/List_of_built-in_functions

What you are looking for is under : 1.8 Library built-in’s / UpdateLibrary(database,[path])

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If you want something automatic there’s an addon called watchdog that adds newly added / downloaded movies or TV series to the library.

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but watchdog only works on local fs if I recall correctly? I use it on my sever with a headless kodi installation and it’s by far the best solution since it adds removes files directly.

Nope, also with network hdds. I use it on the Vero which has an hdd attached and on my pc which reads from the same hdd via wifi.