Buy a Vero 4k+ from inside EU / Taxes?

I am not shure but if i buy a Vero 4+ in your shop i pay in pounds. So i assume that the shop is in the UK and because you left the EU i would have to pay customs or special additional taxesif i buy from inside the EU.

Is this correct or will the order come from inside EU?

Check this thread

Where in the EU are you? We have some resellers and I can give you some links.

Thank you. I have found sources to buy it like Welectron in Germany. I am from Austria.

I tested OSMC on my Raspberry Pie 4 and there it runs very well but i would prefer a seperate device. I hope it would run on the vero in the same perfect way.

I think your device is very good but a little bit old, the NVIDIA shield is as good (i think so) and has better (native) for Netflix/Amazon but is more expensive end even old.

I just have found only these 2 devices with full DTS HD-MASTER & Atmos support which is the most important feature for me.

Its hard to decide which one i should buy, a big reason for me buying your device is that this will support your very good work!

WElectron is an official reseller of OSMC products, so you won’t have any problems with them. They will ship the goods from Germany (within the EU).

If you have other devices that can handle Netflix / Amazon Prime Video, then the Vero should be a no-brainer.

Hi, do you have resellers in Hungary?

Unfortunately we do not at this time