Buy codecs for DVD


I was going to buy the MPEG-2 codec for run DVD on OSMC but I have two questions.

Will it work with Raspbian too? The serial of the codec is not just for OSMC, right?
What’s VC-1 codec?


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Codec is for the device, not the OS.

Ok, and what’s VC-1?


Then it’s for Blu-ray discs and Silverlight plugin for reproduce videos in some webs… I see… I’ll buy this too.

Thanks ActionA!

PS: If you can edit your second post and paste VC-1 info it’ll be great because I put post #2 as the answer :slight_smile:

Be aware, silverlight is not (easily) compatible or used on Linux systems such as OSMC.

I’ll use it for wmv videos too. If I need silverlight support or something, I’ll search about it. (And I already place the order so I can’t delete it)