Buying a NAS qnap vs synology?


I want to buy a NAS for my new Vero. What is better QNap or Synology?

HP 7th Gen N54L Microserver (It’s what I have and its awesome)
HP 8th Gen Microserver


I’ve got two Synology’s and I’m really happy with them both.
Especially the ds412+ which is super fast and with the coming DSM update there will be Docker support as well!

CaNsA, what OS do you run on your HP? FreeNAS, something like Microsoft Windows Server or another Linux distro?

On my HP N54L I run Synology software, called XPenology. In short, I now have a Syno worth €2.000 for only €180. But you really need to have some IT-skills to get all working!

I’m rocking Open Media Vault.

Awesome bit of software.

I’m a Synology user. Set it and forget it. Very functional. Synology is very active in updating their software for years. Great product and it just works.

I run DVBLink on it as my PVR and TV Guide for OTA TV. Raspberry Pi B+ running Raspbmc as my front end.

I wasn’t so keen on XPenology/Synology as it is installed across all storage drives.

Another aspect in regard of choosing the right NAS solution for a vero is support for music. Unfortunately KODI sitll has a big problem with classical musik. There is no way of tagging the composer and to browse your music that way. If you look into the xbmc/kodi developer forums you will find enough discussions where this is admitted but still not solved.

So on my Vero I have all TV-Series and Movies and Pictures in my databse and use it also to watch live TV.

For music I also prefer not to use the big screen but a tablet/smartphone to choose what I want to hear. This led me to the decision to put all my music on the NAS and to use a controller app on my tablet to browse the music and to trigger the streaming from NAS to Vero.

And now it comes to my recommendation: The synology audiostation works perfectly with vero and my ipad.

When I want to hear music I switch on my AV Receiver (Vero is running all the time) Then I choose my playlists or titles on my laptop or on my tablet or on my phone using the synology audiostation app (DS Audio) The music is the streamed directly from the NAS to the Vero.

this workflow suits my needs perfectly.

Music is for me a whole other story … i’m using Spotify for all my music :smile:
And for my favorit albums/artists I use high quality 192/96Hz 24bit flacs which I play directly on my AV receiver.

Don’t know if anybody else is doing this or has other tips, mine isn’t the most handy, but has the best quality for me.

Kodi uses the new Audio Engine and enables the Vero to support a wide variety of HD Audio Formats.
If your AV receiver supports HD Audio you can enable this by activating Expert level in the settings and setting the audio engine to support HD sampling rates and no conversion of the audio formats.

Today I verified that all sample audio files of my HD-Track Sampler with bitrates from 16 to 24bits and sample rates from 32 to 192 kHz were passed to the optical output correctly so that my AV Receiver which is capable of playing these formats got the unconverted source bitrate and sample frequency.

Now lets talk about streaming audio to the Vero

  1. If you enable Upnp Client on the Vero you can stream audio files
    with 24bit/192kHz to the Vero and the Vero will get this out on
    Optical right to your AV receiver like files Vero grabs directly
    from the file system
  2. Synology Audiostation is able to stream 24/192
    audio files via upnp

I verified today that you can use synology audiostation to stream a HD audio file via Upnp to the Vero and pass it via optical output to the AV receiver without loosing the HD quality. I tested this with a 24bit/96kHz Audio file and confirmed these values on the display of the AV receiver.

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I bought a Synology and hopefully it will arrive soon.

Bought a western digital ‘nas’ drive as apparently these are good to keep on all the time

thanks guys

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