Bypass proxy for LAN connections

Hello, just got my Vero 4k+ yesterday and WOW! :slight_smile: That is a great piece of hardware!

My setup includes a local proxy server for internet connections (to facilitiate VPN), this work fairly well. Only issue is that all non-internet connections also goes through the proxy. For instance connections to my PVR server and NAS also goes throught the proxy. Is it possible to get a “bypass proxy for local connections/lan connections”. Is this a feature request or a possible setup, not sure. Anyone know?


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I would think that is something that should be setup on the proxy server, instead of having to do it for each client.

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The proxy does connect to the LAN device but all streams from PVR, movie library etc all go first to the proxy, then to the device. This adds another hop to the stream, and although it works fine, it is far from ideal to add this extra step. Espescially for PVR streaming I find it is much more stable with direct connection.

My thinking is to add a button like this:

That would help alot! If anyone know a “hack” on console to achieve the same I welcome that approach too. I am not afraid to SSH in and set this setting manually somewhere.

This would be a a feature request for Kodi

Doesn’t this function already exist in Kodi?

I think so as well. I will raise it as such. Maybe I can find a Debian OS workable workaround in the meantime.

No @ActionA, it does not. Proxy yes, but not local bypass.