Hi there, does anyone use the caavo universal remote to control their vero4k?

I had never heard of it before but the manufacture seems to not recommend it for Kodi

Looking through the description you should be able the control the Vero4k via IR transmitter of the Caavo (would need to use one of the predefined remote templates and match between Kodi and Caavo). But overall looks a bit of an overkill.
And looking at the HDMI description it might be that you can not use HDR10+ via the Caavo.

Sounds I will forget this remote control for Vero4k i guess

Wouaw, never saw that. Definitely not the right universal remote control for KODI :frowning:

if you want a good Kodi remote, look into the RemoteMaster [java] app, and JP1 programmable remotes, (which you can program via JP1 cable, although some remotes of that type can be programed via other methods, such as regular usb cable, or even audio files) There’s a bit of a learning curve, but you can set up those types of remotes to control pretty much any device. And you can generally program each button on the remote to do any action to any device.

My goal is to have one remote for Kodi + TV Cable + TV + FireStick.
Do you think that would be “The One” ?

He was recommending a style of remote, not a specific remote. Basically buying a relatively inexpensive remote that has the ability to be programed and going the DIY route. I think they were a lot more common a decade ago. Lots of people nowadays seem to get by with CEC or pony up for a Logitech Harmony.

Just a suggestion: My family and me use a Logitech Harmony Hub and the related Logitech app on the smartphones to control all devices. Tipp: You can pair the Vero4 and Pi3 via Bluetooth as “WindowsPC” and control the mediacenter.

Do you know if this is the preferred way to do it? Does it give you keypad (numbers) functionality on the Harmony remote?