Cache buffering live tv

Hi. I’m using tv headend with osmc tuners on vero 4K+ running latest stable leia release. Both usb tuners are plugged into a powered usb hub. Live tv is pausing fairly frequently, with a cache loading wheel showing for a few seconds before live tv resumes automatically. I’ve experienced this fairly infrequently over the years, but currently seems to be happening quite regularly. I can send logs (if I’m able to replicate behaviour fairly quickly after a reboot), but wonder if there’s anything obvious I could try in the meantime? Thanks.

Tuners and Playback on the same machine?

Indeed, this would be useful to know - and would rule out a networking issue



Yes. 2 x osmc tuners are plugged into usb hub which is connected directly to vero, and I play live tv directly on vero.

It would be good to see some logs then to work out why this is happening.


Cheers Sam will try and upload some logs. Is there a maximum log size I can upload, and if so, an associated time frame? For example, sometimes I can watch live tv for an hour or more without buffering.

Also, I’m guessing from your previous comment that this isn’t a network issue, given my tuner/playback setup, so it’s unlikely that the vpn I have running in the background will be affecting this in any way?

The maximum size is 10MB. I considered making that larger – but am against it at the moment as it’s not usually the case that logs larger than this size contain any more details than we need. If anything – they can just give us more unnecessary information to sift through.

VPN can use a lot of CPU – so it could be causing some issues.

I haven’t experienced any of these issues since upgrading to kodi 19 so will mark this as solved. Thanks.

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I’m glad to hear that this is improved. Thanks for reporting back.