Can anyone help me with installing Steam Link?

I followed the instructions here and here. But when I try to launch I get this error message:

…original files to /home/osmc/.local/share/SteamLink/.old
cannot stat ‘/home/osmc/.local/share/SteamLink/*’ : No Such file or directory

need to run on a Rspberry Pi 3 or newer - aborting.

Well I guess situation hasn’t changed and currently not available on Vero

Oh well. How do I undo the install?

Well I assume you installed via dpkg -i so to remove/prune the command is dpkg -P to find the exact package name for uinstall use dpkg -l | grep steam

sudo apt remove steamlink -y

99% sure, at work so i cant doublecheck.

That seemed to work. Thank you.

Its 2022 any progress with Steam Link on Vero 4k+ , OSMC ??

My understanding is that Steam Link was closed source and built against RPI OMX libs (which are now not even used on modern Pi stack), and that there was not change from Valve.

I may be wrong, but don’t know enough about it to advise.

true rpi only but using new packages

sudo apt install libgles2 libegl1 libgl1-mesa-dri

advice the op to seek support from valve rather then osmc in the future for better support regarding steamlink