Can change OSMC raspberry pi 3's resolution to play 4k?

My TV won’t play all 4k formats I am thinking if I can pull this one off?


Raspberry pi does not support 4k.

IIRC Pi can’t drive more than 15Hz or so at 4K and that’s with some hacks. This was just display, not playback.

There will be 4K device support for OSMC in the near future however


Keep us posted. Happy to be a tester, will use it when it comes.

Tried the VERO2 at 4k, it pixilates.

Have an Android box which works on 4K but audio is not reliable. NETFLIX is the only reliable 4k drama source. Some Canadian sports getting good at 4k.

The Raspberry Pi 3 won’t ever support 4K playback, but there will be other devices supported by OSMC that do soon, like Intel hardware