Can Chrome be installed?

Hello there. I know that Osmc is not exactly an operating system, but there is something I am curious about. Will I be able to run chromium when I need my browser? Maybe there is something like this on the programs tab? Thanks

First OSMC is an operatingsystem, based on debian. But to answer you main question I’ve made a little installer to get X-windows + Chromuim, running on your OSMC devivce. I also fixed a launcher for Kodi, to stop kodi and start Xwindows and restarts Kodi when you logout of Xwindows.

Next time you might wanna use the search function buildt into this forum :innocent:

Thanks. This is very good. Will it work for the right pi3?

Yes it’s tested on pi2, pi3 and vero2. Most issues we have had, conserns timeing issues in the scripts, Read the whole thread, and if there are any issues feel free to talk in there and i’ll do what i can to help.

Thank you so much. I will be more careful to search the forum.

Hello, I have Pi3 and I installed OSMC and your installer. However, when I open it and press Chromium, the windows opens and shuts off automatically. I installed Epiphany browser and it opens but I get nothing displayed on the screen. Can you help with this problem? Thank you.

If you look in the x-windows install thread, you will see that Debians latest chromium is bugged and instructions to install Ubuntu, or downgrade to Debians previous package

Hello, can you copy the post…? I loked but didnt see the one I need.

this post is how you reinstall the olderversion and lower down in thread you got install instructions for the ubuntu package of chromium v.68