Can I ask a few Q's please?

I’ve got a 4k projector, and it’s around 8m from the amplifier.
I’ve looked closely at OSMC a few times & resisted, but the 4k+ looks like the right answer, it fot referenced in a forum post (overclockers) and reminded me I should look closer again.
So I have a few Q’s, based on the 4k+ being located 8m away from the people watching the movie.
Remote control - it’s RF isn’t it? Will it work ~10-12m away from the main unit?
(not quite line-of-sight, with a simple plasterboard wall between).
Ditto a bluetooth keyboard ?

Does the kodi use a drive mapping (cifs/nfs) to find the content?
Is the microSD slot capable i.e. big & fast enough to host the HEVC/h.265 content if all else fails (as it often seems to) ?
Ditto for the USB2 ports?
Does it just pass through the sound to the spdif? (regardless of the codec).
I only ask that last one because the chromecast really doesn’t & it forces server transcoding, which is hopeless, pausing every few seconds. Besides, forcing the transcoding means the server is now single-user, which is silly.
I’ll be ordering one of these as soon as I confirm it’s the right answer.
Thanks in advance.


Yes – this will be fine.

Should be fine. Bluetooth has a good range.

You can mount CIFS or NFS shares, either via Kodi or via the command line. See File sharing with a NAS, media server, windows share or other device for more info.

Yes – this is possible; likewise for USB 2 ports. If you are attaching hard drives, you should make sure they are externally powered or use a powered USB hub.

Out of the box, yes. You can also pass through Dolby Digital and DTS (enable under Settings → Audio) if your receiver supports this.

Let us know if you have any further questions