Can I delete several files at the same time?

Hello, how are you?

I am a user of a VERO 4K.
It turns out that when I scan my videos that I have on the PC this has detected a lot of files with the same name.
they were from the full blueray folder “COCO” are some files called “Stream of love” and they appear in the video library.

I would like to know how I can delete them all at once since they are about … 150 files and if I have to do it one by one it will take more than a year.

I have deleted the destination folder “COCO” from the pc. I have updated the library in the VERO but it keeps on detecting them. Yes, if I click on one, it tells me that the file no longer exists and gives me the option to delete it.

What I want is either to erase them or update the list and they do not appear anymore.

Thank you very much!

Have you tried cleaning the library?

Go to the settings, media settings, video library, ‘clean library’

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Hi. No, I have not tried that. I do not know that data. If I do that, it will not erase all the files (Video and music) from the PC, right? thank you very much!

Clean library will just remove the no longer existing media from your library.
It will not touch the media itself. It’s not enabled but default I think because if you lose access to your media-sources (NAS, disk etc gets disconnected) it would remove everything from your libary.

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There is no ability to enable or disable. It’s a one shot function that must be initiated by the user each time it should run.

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Agree. Thank you very much. As soon as I get home, I’ll try.

Since I’m here I can ask you another question?

I have the Nas connected to a high-speed switch and the VERO also connected to that switch.
In the nas I have several files. Among them some 4k.MKV.
These are reproduced (in the Vero), but often slow down or even stop being on the screen above “Loading …” I thought I could without problems with these files.

Can there be any video option that you have to activate for the 4k? or that does not have to do anything.

I have not touched any parameters. Only the audio to read DTS, Atmos etc …


For naming video files, stick to the Kodi conventions for that.

Playback buffering during high-bitrate video files (60++ Mbit/s) on a wired connection might be solved by using NFS shares instead of SMB.

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You’re right. I always use which does have the option to run a clean after a scan. Mixed it up with that…

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