Can I directly connect an external hard drive with videos to vero 4k


My friend ordered a few vero 4ks and I got 1 from him so I am really new, trying to build my home setup. I have tried connecting an external hard drive to the vero4k and the screen goes blank/no signal. Do I need to do something special? Sorry for the noob question.


Does this external hard drive have it’s own power supply? If not then you would need to use a powered hub that is rated for the current draw of this drive your using.

No it does not have it’s own power supply. Could you recommend some compatible external hard drives that are externally powered and work with this directly? Or a compatible powered hub for a WD My passport Ultra. Thanks a lot.

Any half way decent USB hub with it’s own power supply should be fine. The OSMC store sells one if your so inclined. If you wanted to go with a different hard drive my personal preference is the WD Element/Easystore/My Book drives. The 3.5" drives will normally prove themselves to be more reliable and longer lasting vs the external drives using 2.5" spinning rust inside. A self powered drive from any other manufacture should work as well outside of maybe some edge case where they are using a chipset that doesn’t play well with Linux.