Can I do this with the Vero 4K & 4K+?

I created a named folder on an external HDD. I have placed a named .txt file inside the folder, with text written inside the file.
On the Vero, when I look inside the named folder, there is nothing showing.

How must I get the .txt file AND its contents to display?

How are you looking inside the folder? Just via the Kodi GUI or via the command line?

If going via the Kodi GUI what method are you using?

I have Expert mode displayed and am just navigating with the OSMC skin, with the supplied remote. I am wondering if there is a setting I need to enable.

How ae you browsing though? If you went into Videos>Files then it will likely only show you video filetypes. If you went into Pictures>Files then it will likely only show you picture file types.

If you want to see everything do into (I can’t remember exactly as i’m not with my device), Settings, System, File browser. Something like that, that should show you everything.

File Browser… good thought. I will go see what I can sort out & report back. Thanks for your prompt help.

Got it. Settings/File Manager, navigate into the folder and the text will show.
I have never been in that section of the settings before.
Thanks for your help.

Nano and ssh is a good way as depending what os you created the original file problems can occur.

You could also turn the text into a forced subtitle file that would then display over a video that is named the same as the sub file if that is more in line with whatever it was with what you were wanting to display text for. Custom subtitles can be made rather easily with something like SubtitleEdit.