Can i import a kodi file(fully loaded with add-ons) to osmc?

Hello, so i’m fairly new my RP2 and I had a amazon fire-stick that was fully loaded so i decided to retrieve the add-ons, skins and whatever using adbfire using the backup to my pc. I got osmc on my superior :slight_smile: raspberry pi2, and when i wanted to add the add-ons too it, I couldn’t find any osmc files on my sd. So basically the questions would be: where can i find the osmc files first of all? are the kodi files for the filestick in a different language than what osmc? . Hope i don’t sound like im trying to do something like downloading more ram to my rp2:P. if you need anything more please feel free to ask.

I think some crucial questions are:

  1. Have you just used the installer on SD or did you already have SD card plugged into the RPi2 and booted it at least one round to do the actual installation?
  2. How are you access the SD Card? From your PC, which OS…

Generally you should be able to copy your configs to /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata

  1. ok, so I installed noobs first on the sd card then on the rpi2 i installed rasbian and osmc. after that I went on a couple of times looking at the os and seeing how it is setup. 2.The files are on my windows pc so i put the sd in my pc and found only the rasbian os files.

Windows cannot read the ext4 partition that houses Linux system files. Your best bet is to install Filezilla on your windows machine and connect to the running OSMC instance using sftp with the normal ssh credentials (osmc:osmc). Copy your desired files then to /home/osmc/.kodi/

Yep, i’d do it this was but with WinSCP instead of Filezilla (Just personal prefrence)

Ok thanks guys so far, I’ll try it out. Also Since the files from my firestick might be in firestick language or in windows, would it still work if i transfer it to kodi?

There is no “FireStick language”. The files are, for the most part, the same but nothing is guaranteed since they are from two different devices that run two different OS’s (Linux,Android). YMMV