Can I load a Desktop GUI and File Manger?

I have a Vero4k with the USB hub and 2 external USB HDs. I want to move/rename many video files/folders so they are better named and organized. I would like to attach a USB mouse and keyboard to use while running the file manager. After using the File Manager I would reboot into OSMC/Kodi for ‘normal’ use.

Is there a way I can Stop Kodi, and run a GUI File manager to do this? By GUI I mean a desktop like XFCE. Or, would it be simple to use something like Midnight Commander?

I see articles in the Wiki for: Accessing the command line; Installing packages via APT; Starting and stopping Kodi. But I am a linux noob,and not sure if or how I can get a ‘desktop gui’ and file manager running. Thanks

tasksel would let you pick a desktop fairly easily.
Also see: [Testing] X11(simple desktop) + Chromium(web browser) in a simple installer for Stretch

If your tasks can be done with Midnight Commander than actually you can save the efforts of connecting keyboard and mouse and just do it via ssh.

Alternatively you could also share your USB disk from the Vero via network (eg NFS or SMB).

And than do the changes with which ever file manager you like or you could then also use Kodi specific Media managers that automate the job.


You could even use something like Filezilla via ftp to do what you are trying to do.


I was thinking similar to the FTP thing myself. Assuming the user is coming from a Windows environment then WinSCP is my go-to.

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Since I haven’t used Windows in years, I forgot about WinSCP. But I remember that also as a good alternative.