Can I move OSMC from the SDCard to an USB disk?

Hi all.
First I must say I’m enjoying OSMC.
Great product, great community…

So I’ld like to add an USB drive ( to my RPI and store my movies on it together with OSMC.
Is it possible?
Thanks for your answers.

Yes it is possible but:

  1. It is questionable if there are any advantages of moving OSMC onto the USB drive
  2. Doing it with the already installed system would require some work. So if you haven’t installed anything special I would do a backup from MyOSMC and then do a new install with the USB disk as target.

Thanks for your reply.

Yes I have installed NUT and I use CURL too for monitoring my Eaton UPS.
I can reinstall the whole enchilada.
And I can manage my OSMC configuration having done a backup from MyOSMC.

I read SD cards were not reliable and the top–notch ones are quite expensive… so why not an USB drive? I am wondering… what are your thoughts?

Well a fast 8GB Sandisk costs 10 Euro and should not have any problems.
While SD Cards for sure don’t have as long of a lifetime as the USB disk they have one advantage you don’t depend on the USB connector and possible power fluctuations.

This will do the job

Thanks to you both.
Have a nice day.

Howdy all

I’ve installed OSMC on an USB stick.
But I’m a bit confused.
When restoring the backup I’ve chosen “Original location”.
Does this mean in OSMC on the USB stick?

Whether you do an SD install or a USB install the “location” (path) in the file system is the same.

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In the past (before OSMC even launched) there were some issues with SD card corruption combined with high overclocks. That’s really in the past. I have 5 Pi’s running with either Sandisk, Samsung or ICIDU cards, all running flawless and fast. On other fora people did some testing and if you have a good card, it will be faster than running from USB harddisk.