Can I run OSMC headlessly with an Android remote?

Okay, first of all, apologies if my terminology is incorrect. But I’m trying to do something that’s apparently a bit different from the typical usage of OSMC … so let me explain:

I’m trying to put together a media center using a Raspberry Pi (model 2B, I think? Haven’t touched the project in a couple of months) … I could use other hardware, but I don’t think that really matters in this case. The things I want to do with this media center are (1) listen to music on a daily basis, and (2) watch movies now and then. I don’t watch TV at all. Let me repeat that: I don’t watch TV at all, ever, and am not planning to start any time soon.

Here’s where my plans are atypical. I don’t want to have a dedicated monitor for the media center. I have a projector and screen for movies - but obviously don’t want that running all the time - and I have a monitor that I can connect to the Pi for installation, system maintenance, etc. But it normally goes with my work computer.

So, the scenario I am envisioning is that (1) I play music through speakers connected directly to the Pi, and/or (2) watch movies through the projector connected to the HDMI port of the Pi, and in either case (3) control the Pi using my smartphone.

I’ve found that the usual Android remote apps are not designed for this kind of usage - they’re designed to work in conjunction with a monitor. Whereas I need to have a complete control UI on my phone.

So, has anybody set up OSMC this way? Or have enough expertise to know if it is doable? I am a long time Linux user, so I’m not afraid to experiment with unconventional configurations, but I would like to have some indication of whether or how my desired setup might be feasible.

Maybe use XVNC instead of the usual X server?

My reading suggests that XVNC , being X based, wouldn’t be the way to go - other VNCs for OSMC have been discussed on this forum (qv).
You may have to spend some time setting up libraries but, that done there are several Android remotes which can be used for play control (I haven’t used Kore, but have used YATSE and one which used to be called Music Pump).
Alternatively the use of JASON might appeal to you.

Check out Yatse in the google play store. You can browse your files on the phone so you don’t need a screen all the time.
The app is free, but you can buy an unlocker which gives you a few additional features (for example you can play the videos stored on your phone directly to the raspberry).

I often open and start the music stream of choice without the help of a screen.

Run a vnc server on your pi howto-install-a-vnc-server-on-the-raspberry-pi, then use a vnc client on your phone.