Can I specify fanart and poster for a tv show in a url nfo file?

Presently I have a few items that don’t ID correctly, so I stuck nfo files with scraper urls in with them and it works great. That got me to thinking: I have a whole lot of items where I’ve selected non-default posters or fanart (still scraped art, just not the auto-selected ones), and I would like to be able to configure that in the nfo file so that once the show scrapes it will automatically select my preferred art. Does anyone know if this is possible?

Haven’t done so personally yet, but displaying local content is possible according to the Kodi wiki:

Kodi also contains a Local-NFO-only mode for when you add videos to the
library, but this mode is only required if you want to prevent
online-lookups for videos that lack NFO files. See Set content and scan#Local NFO only options for more information on this Local-NFO-only mode.

Give it a shot.

Sorry, I wasn’t clear. I’ll reword the question.

As far as I understand it, it’s impossible to automate this because no automatism will be able to tell which poster/fanart you will like.

Or do you just have a bunch of shows with .nfo files now which previously had manually selected poster/fanart, this got overridden by the .nfo and got the standard poster/fanart, and now you don’t want to go through all of them and select your preferred poster/fanart again? I’m afraid you’ll have to do that again.

I was thinking like just some way to specify the url of the specific images that I wanted. It’s not the nfo files that reset the image selections. Basically I’m trying to automate the library import process so that I can just tell it to scan and it will get everything set up the way I want. I’m transferring to a new device soon (it actually just arrived a couple minutes ago, lol) but also just for weird occasions that have come up a couple times now where I end up re-importing. The url nfo files have fixed all my false ID problems, which was the major issue. I was just wondering if I could somehow get them to also pick my preferred art from the scraper as well, or even just have them pick art from whatever urls I provide in the nfo.

Sounds like a no, though?

Sounds like you may be looking for something like Ember Media Manager.

or take a look to