Can i SSH via RSA key (and have passwords option disabled)

Hi there

I am trying to get a clear answer, (I have tried to look at other posts) im trying see if I can connect via SSH remotely without a password (to ensure its as safe as possible) by this I mean ssh RSA key is the only method to connect.
I have already changed the OSMC password.
I will also look to change the Default port from 22.
I have also seen its good to install fail2ban which I will look at but I thought if theres a way to not have a password (as in disabled) so the only way is via a RSA key then that should be as secure as you get I would have thought?

If this is possible, any guidance on how to do it (or where to look for help) would be greatly appreciated.


Yes. Any tutorial for setting up SSH authentication on Debian should work.

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