Can I stop wasting energy?


I’m using osmc quite often to hear music, either by the music library or by listening to pvr supplied radio channels. I’m using the TV to play that music. Unfortunately, this means I’m wasting 100W because the TV screen is on. I can turn the TV screen off manually (and keep the audio running), but that’s a bit impractical because of the TV’s menu and I have to remember to do it (which I forget too often). The TV’s “Eco Solution” doesn’t seem to provide anything that helps…

Is there some way to do that automatically with my VERO 2?

The TV is a Samsung UE40J6289

Thanks for the good work,

Vero4k would support that with the Suspend mode. For the Vero 2 I am unfortunately not aware about way to disable the HDMI signal.
But why do you use the TV to play music? I guess an AVR or good bluetooth speakers would do a much better job.

Just because that’s what I have in my living room. In fact, I’d like a better solution for the kitchen and the bathroom as well. So OSMC supports that? Great :slight_smile:

Are you able to suggest “good bluetooth speakers”? They don’t have to be cheap, only worth their price…

Have to say I am quite happy with my Bose Soundlink Mini II

Are you saying you want to be able to navigate around your music library without turning on the TV every time?
I think the solution would be the Kore app on your Android phone or Official Kodi Remote app for iOS. From there you can browse through your library and don’t need to turn on the TV everytime you select a different music. :grinning:


Thanks for the speaker suggestions! Very appreciated :slight_smile:
I’d search something simpler, though. I 'd like to use it in the living room and in the kitchen, so no outdoor capabilities needed. A very low standby current would be nice…
I’ll search a bit myself and if I remember, I’ll post my decision here.

Hi eagerbeaver,

that would be a plus for the living room, and perfect for the kitchen. Currently I’m using yatse for similar tasks, but I don’t know if that can tell kodi to play the music on a different set of speakers. I’ll have to see when I have some bluetooth speakers.

By the way: the perfect solution would be integratable in my FHEM home automation. Kodi is well supported there, but some PVR features are missing. For example it’s not possible to select a PVR-Channel for playing. But that’s a compeletely different topic…