Can I stream from OSMC to my computer?


I am using OSMC on my RasPI and it happens athat sometimes I would like to see a video stream from OSMC to my Mac in another room. Is that possible? I have enabled UPNP on OSMC and tried to get it with VLC, but it doesn’t work.

Thanks for any sugestion

What doesn’t work on vlc?

Thanks Tom.

It shows my OSMC server on the UPNP list, but no libraries are shown (I have enabled them in OSMC Services).



I think this is an issue with the kodi upnp server, it may be worth asking at the kodi forums:

Alternatively you could try using minidlna instead:

Thanks Tom.

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Are you certain you’ve added these file locations as media sources and specified the type of media?

@ActionA… not sure I understood your question…

Ah, yes!
My OSMC is full configured and I’m using it since 10 months… Only now I have this “remote” need…

If trying to use upnp is problematic you might try just enabling samba server in the MyOSMC app store.

Yes, I did that so I can access my hard drives connected to OSMC.