DLNA server

Hi there, I have installed OSMC on Rasp PI3 (+ USB drive for the media files). I use it with the Android Kore app. The video media player works great!
I have an issue with the DLNA server : no client see any media (ex BubbleUpnp or others).

I don’t find any explanation.
Any idea? Thks !!!

Below the samba.conf file.


config file = /etc/samba/smb-local.conf

workgroup = WORKGROUP
follow symlinks = yes
wide links = no
unix extensions = no
lock directory = /var/cache/samba
load printers = no
printing = bsd
printcap name = /dev/null
disable spoolss = yes
log level = 1
map to guest = bad user
usershare template share = automount template

read raw = Yes
write raw = Yes
strict locking = no
min receivefile size = 16384
use sendfile = true
aio read size = 2048
aio write size = 2048

browsable = yes
read only = no
valid users = osmc
path = /home/osmc
comment = OSMC Home Directory

[automount template]
browseable = yes
-valid = no
valid users = osmc
path = %P
hide files = /$RECYCLE.BIN/System Volume Information/desktop.ini/thumb$

include = /etc/samba/smb-shares.conf

ok, I managed it by myself, I have installed minidlna (see : http://www.instructables.com/id/Raspberry-Pi-Media-Server-MiniDLNA/)
An OSMC:MiniDLNA appears as a new library and it works!!
You will still see the “osmc” kodi library that does not work.
I haven’t foud any resource/support to configure it - too bad…

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If I understand correctly DLNA is in the menu name but not possible to configure it, right? In my case the menu name tells DLNA but only UPNP can be configured. The manual steps from shell are clear but I thought osmc has some default off the shelf solution to confugure DLNA.

DLNA is kind of derivate of UPNP. Do you have issues to see OSMC (after you enabled share library in UPNP menu) from your DLNA client?

Well, I have a samsung TV which supports DLNA. From there, the PI was not visible. Will double check when all sharing options enabled in the menu…