Can I transfer settings from my 4K Vero to my new 4K+?

I’m really happy with my 4K Vero but I’ve just been given a brand new 4K+ for my birthday! Wow :yum:

Can I transfer my settings to the new Vero? Or will I need to set up the new one differently?

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Yes, you can transfer your settings between the two

Sorry, I didn’t see your reply, fzinken. Is there a tutorial on how to do it?
Cleo :woman_red_haired:

You can use the Backup function under MyOSMC to backup under the old and restore on the new one.

But be careful currently the Backup function is not working so you might want to wait with the backup till the next update.

Alternately you if you are comfortable with SSH you could just transfer the /home/osmc/.kodi/ folder.

There is a Kodi add-on in the system category called “Backup” that provides the same function.