Can I Update a Dual Boot Image with Latest OSMC?

I have and old dual boot auto install image with retro pie / osmc which i’ve been using since 2016 (updated to latest osmc) but it’s now unstable and crashing a lot so was wondering if I could replace the files in the auto install image with the latest osmc?

I’ve tried installing the old image with the old osmc and updating but it fails because it’s too old.

This is what is in the install folder of the dual boot noobs folder

Is there a way to get osmc in that format? or another way to update to latest OSMC from the 2016 version of OSMC?

What the dual boot image does which I would like to keep:
This image will give you a dual booting system where you
can seamlessly switch between RetroPie and OSMC (KODI).
Once you are inside 1 system you will stay there until
you select the shortcut to launch the other system.
They will work independantly of each-other, meaning they
are 100% stable.

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