Can I upgrade an image to *just* before the SMB change?

I am having the well-known problem with samba. I really do not want to create unnecessary workaround accounts, and Sam mentioned a samba fix is potentially weeks away, so I am thinking of just reverting to an old disk image I took in January (VERSION_ID="2015.12-4).

If I do this, is there some way to update OSMC to the point just before the SMB change (I think this would be 2016.4-1)? The main reason is that my image is from Isengard, and I would like to get back to Jarvis.

I know I could just re-install the April image (2016.4-1) and restore my personal settings using the backup tool. But I have a number of customizations outside the normal personal settings (python scripts, etc) that would be missed by this approach. This is why I am starting from my archive image.

Well there is no clean approach to this with out messing around and potentially fail your system. Technically you could block the samba packages but then dependencies would fail.