Can I use Netflix on OSMC?(post 4)


Hi, I made a try today with a leia 17.8-289 then 290 and Netflix 0.13.10… All went fine (add-on installation), no error in the GUI, but no way to pass the login sequence. Will have a look in the logs


Is there a way to get the Netflix addon to always display forced subtitles?


I think that’s more Kodi functionality. AFAIR the plugin uses Kodi subtitle preferences.


Hi Joakim,

Just a suggestion, but maybe you could edit post 4 and include these instructions? Hopefully that might help people?



which instructions, the ones when leia decides to not automatically install dependencies?


I think the problem is that Netflix subs aren’t marked as forced.


Yes, the instructions about needing to install the dependencies first.

Sorry for not being clearer.


@joakim_s Is there any chance to get the options “Add to/Remove from my list” working?


@tiroy you got to talk to developers,


hello, I am using a raspberry pi 3 b+ with OSMC installed and the Kodi version running on it.
Build: Open source media center running kodi 17.6
compiled: Jun 7 2018

I am trying to add netflix but not working at all. I have followed this topic without success:
I was able to run the NetfliXBMC but the profiles where not loading and also no shows or movies showing when I went to the All movies etc.

I am now about to try this:

I checked almost all comments in this post since Dec 2017 and looks like some people have netflix on Kodi but not using OSMC, although I also saw someone saying that is using OSMC and with Netflix working.

Is there any other information about how to make netflix to work?

Thanks in advance


You need Kodi 18 which is still in beta. Refer to joakim_s’ post at the start of the thread for a step by step tutorial.

Make sure you backup your whole installation before wandering into beta land. Also, if it’s not a typo and you’re actually on a Raspberry Pi 1 B+, I doubt you’ll even be able to watch something in 720p. Good luck anyway!


thank you @RJ45 you’re right it was a typo, its the Raspberry Pi 3 B+


I managed to install, but now I got the error when I try to login that my credentials are not good.

I was trying on different device and credentials are good.

It’s a know issue this with credentials error?


Yes it’s know, netflix are changing their api very often now, and it’s suspected it is because of locking out ad-dons like this. The developers of the ad-don are working hard to keep it up to date.


Why would they care this much about what ap we use to watch it through our paid account? Is it because of piracy fear or to be able to control the amount of devices we use? If the latter, why not just limit the logins and not the devices like on spotify?


As i understood it, it’a all about the netflix expeience. By what i’ve read it has to do with netflix wanting to control the estetics of the plugin. The DRM part is solved with widvine, but netflix wants the user to have the same interface as on other devices. Or something along those lines


Which basicly is the user’s own choice if he/she decides to use another method (with other gui/experience) to watch NF. sounds as a lame excuse to me. either they provide a plugin for Kodi that provides their experience or they don’t but stop being petty about other plugins.


I agree totally, but this is what i read in kodi forums discussion about a official addon.


I am having trouble getting the Netflix addon to play once a show is selected. I am using a RPI3 with osmc installed Kodi v18 beta 3. Here is the link to my log:

I followed this guide to install and had an issue with the addon signals dependency and I manually found that installed and got the Netflix addon to run. After logging in I can choose my profile and find a show/movie but the playback starts and then cancels.


If you can login to netflix but video isn’t streaming, it indicates problem with inputstream.adaptive/libwidvine/decryption.

Haven’t made a clean install since 4 versions back of GMC’s nightlys, i know there were inputstram.adaptive changes during that time.

If i get some spare time this evening i will try a clean install.