Can I use the OMSC Vero 4K+ as I do with my WD HD Live TV unit

I’ve bought the OMSC Vero 4K+ which I’ll get in time but have been using the WD HD TVlive for some years now which unfortunately hasn’t had firmware updates for some time now so a lot of MKV videos won’t work. This is the reason in buying the Vero 4K+. It will be played through my Yamaha RX-A3070 Home Theatre Receiver which has 4K and Dolby Atmos play through capabilities to a 65" Panasonic UHD/4K Led/Lcd TV. By hooking up an external HDD with my movies and TV programs will I be able to use the OMSC Vero the same as I do the WD HD TVlive unit. Also, will the unit be set to 240 volt as the Australian power supply is?

Well I would not say same (as Kodi/OSMC experience should be better) but would say similar.

Power Supply will be added for your market (means plug and voltage)

Thank you for your rapid response hopefully I’ll find the Vero as simple to set up and use as my other unit.

Surely you will. Maybe start reading a bit here

If you have any problems that aren’t answered by the links above, please don’t hesitate to ask here!

EDIT, that should have been links above :wink:

Thank you.

I was in the exact same boat as you, using a couple of WD boxes for years. I liked them a lot, but with no updates for years now, and mine started to get very unstable.

I went to the Vero 4K about 6 months ago, it’s a very good replacement.
Plays all my video file formats, which I have many, with no problem.
Can play all my music file formats as well, although I don’t use it for music.
There is a learning curve installing the add on features you want, which the WD did not support.
I believe if you’re a Netflix customer, that’s an issue right now. I don’t use that.
I think you will enjoy it, once you get what you need set up and working.

Thank you for taking the time to reply and yes, I’m looking forward to receiving my unit. I download all my movies of which some are Netflix in MKV files so I’m okay there but will certainly look at apps that may be useful to me.

I was a very happy WDTV user and switched to the Vero 4K a few months back. The main reason was to play back h265 4K stuff and I’m very happy.

I don’t use my Vero in the way it was traditionally meant to work in that I simply plug my hard disk in and view my files in the folder structure I came up with on my WDTV. I had some growing pains, mainly with HDR and frame rates but it’s all good now.

I installed the samba add-on so the vero appears in my windows home network.

Hope thats helpful.

I came from two WD’s a RPi and a Pivos to the Vero and never looked back.
Sure a steep learning curve while tweaking, but the support over here at these forums is one of the best and most continuous.
Just my 2cts (from a Vero fanboy lol)

So I take it I’ll need to by an SD Card for installing add-ons etc when I receive my Vero and that the Vero doesn’t come with OSMC installed. Sounds like I’ll have a few things to do once I get the unit.

Not sure where you got that from:

  1. Vero 4k+ comes with OSMC/Kodi preinstalled
  2. Vero 4k+ has a 16G emmc where the OS and Kodi is running from. No need for an SD Card for Addons. Addons can be installed via Kodi Repository and are stored on the emmc.

The only additional storage you need is for Media which either can be on a NAS or on a USB Disk attached to Vero 4k+

Well that makes things easier to understand and my extra storage will be a 2 terrabyte HDD which is what I put my Movies and TV series on which I will plug into the USB connection of the Vero

Once you plug in the drive, it will be automatically visible in OSMC.